Old South Military Antiques

Cloverleaf Staff/Pike
Item #: OS-6709

In 2005 when I wrote Collecting the Confederacy, I suggested that these were flag staffs rather than pikes. Certainly some of them were, but were all? I have since seen other examples that clearly were used as staffs, and I have seen some that did not appear to have been used as flag staffs.

I can see no indication that this one was ever used as a staff. This staff was never painted red, nor the head gold, there is no hole for ties, nor rope burns on the staff.

Though there is not a full length picture, the staff is full length. It remains virtually straight, though there is the slightest bit of curve to it. The head is complete, tight and in good condition, but there is a slight bend to the point, and several nicks from the soldier’s playing with them. The head it totally unmarked.

This must be picked up at a show; I will not ship it.