Old South Military Antiques

Confederate Marked Kerr Revolver
Item #: OS-6874

Confederate purchasing agent Caleb Huse purchased approximately 7000 Kerr’s patent revolvers from the London Armoury during the War Between the States. Some but, not all, of these were stamped with the JS over an anchor like the one shown here. There are enough Confederate associated Enfield rifles and Kerr revolvers bearing this mark to say with certainty that all arms having this stamp are Confederate purchased weapons.

These revolvers were issued to Confederate cavalry in large numbers, including the 7th, 11th, 12th, 18th and 35th Virginia as well as the 24th Georgia and 8th Texas.

As great as this particular example looks, it has some imperfections; one percussion nipple is broken, and one nipple is a replacement. The arbor pin keeper is a replacement and the loading lever has been replaced. The replacement is done so well that few could discern that it is not genuine.

That said, it is one of the early guns, serial number 1435. All of the numbers match, the bore is very good, the action works well, and the checkering remains relatively sharp. As the accompanying images show, much of the original blued finish remains. The JS Anchor stamp is very clear and visible.

But for the imperfections previously mentioned this revolver would sell in the $5,500.00 range, because of these same imperfections, it can be purchased for only $3,600.00, which is quite a significant discount for the issues outlined above.

Price $3,600.00 USD