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Pure, untouched Confederate Enfield
Item #: OS-6860

While many Enfields could, would, should, might be, Confederate; only a few can honestly, and without a doubt, be demonstrated to have "Whistled Dixie”. The collector can be absolutely assured that this example was used by a Confederate soldier.

Early in 1861, Jefferson Davis sent Major Caleb Huse to England to purchase arms. Major Huse dealing through Sinclair, Hamilton & Co. and Isaac Campbell & Co. purchased arms for the Confederate Central Government. Caleb Huse was very kind to the modern collector in that a small percentage of the arms he purchased were very well marked and can be positively identified as Confederate arms.

The most well known and best understood Confederate inspector marks are the JS (over) Anchor, and the Anchor (over) S. Both of these are the marks of John Southgate, the viewer hired to inspect the Confederate purchased arms in England.

The Pattern 1853, better known as the P53, Enfield Rifle-Musket shown here has a very clear Anchor S stamp just in front of the buttplate tang. The weapon is dated 1863, the very year when John Southgate first used the Anchor S to replace the JS Anchor stamp that he had been using.

It is assumed that all Confederate arms saw battle, and that for the most part is true, since they didn’t have any quality arms lying around unused, but they are often so beat up by war, and what is worse, deteriorated from neglect after the War, as to be undesirable to a collector of the finer antiques. This P53 is in beautiful untouched condition. The gun was well used as evidenced by the burnout at the breech, and pitting around the nipple, but someone has taken very good care of it since the War. The rifling is there, but dark and worn. The wood still has a very nice natural finish, and aside from the noted pitting at the breech, the barrel is smooth and plum blue. The wood is in excellent condition but for the two indentions in the stock’s comb where it was struck, or the gun struck something while clubbed.

The Anchor S is exceptionally clear and undoubtedly genuine.

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