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Large SC Oval Plate
Item #: OS-6985

Prior to the War Between the States, each state was considered a sovereign country. As such, each state government had the responsibility of maintaining a military, in order to keep peace within and repel invasion from without its borders. The well-known Palmetto pistols, swords, and muskets are examples of weapons purchased by the state for its state troop.

The Accoutrement Waist Belt Plate pictured here falls into the same category. It was purchased by South Carolina from the firm of Emerson Gaylord of Chicopee, Massachusetts, who also supplied accoutrements to the Southern States of Virginia, Maryland, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi. This is the largest and rarest of the three S C Oval Plates, rating an 8 on the Mullinax rarity scale.

Surviving documentation shows that Gaylord was still making accoutrements for the South as late as January 27, 1861. In fact, a shipment headed for the South was confiscated as late as the day Sumter fell.

The condition is stellar; the face of the plate retains the slick surface it had when new. The reverse is very good, but not quite perfect; it is missing most of the head of one of the "puppy paws” and a small amount of lead where the plate was struck. Both can be seen in the image.

For condition, this is only slightly below perfect excavated condition.


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