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P.O.W. Research Project Extroidinaire.
Item #: OS-6825

  Seven Confederates, and two of thier SC Buttons

  Written by Colonel Francis Thomas, Aid to Johnston, killed at 1st Manassas

  Two unit regulations and patriotic pamphlets

  This is a repeat of the first image

  Two faced, turn upside down

  At least three of these are Confederates

  At least two of these are Confederates

  Written by a Confederate

  Written by A.B. Botts, CSA


  "Cut by Miss Honeywell, the lady without any limbs"


  Worked and written by Miss Honeywell, the lady without arms or legs" The tiny writing in the center is the Lord's Prayer

  The tiny writing in the center is the Lord's Prayer

  An unbelieveably delicate and intricate cutout


  "Forget Me Not"


  The painted diamond bears the words "I trust"

  Speaks for itself

  At least five of these are Confederates

  Various antebellum seals

  Made by a Texas POW out of leaves and roots


  "April 14, 1864 Point Lookout Md."

  Another masterpiece by Sallie


  "Kissing Doves"

  Written in Latin or Greek. Who knows what is says but would be fun to research

  At least four, and probably all are CSA

  Drawn by Captain John J Hoof of Maryland


  Another of "Sallie's" masterpieces

  Made by Chaplain A.H. Edey of the 5th Texas at Fort Delaware. All natural materials

  POW Chaplain A. Henry Edey, Texas at Point Lookout, Jan. 1, 1865


  Signed simply "Sic Semper"

  At least one Confederate, and likely more.


  This is simply signed "CSA"


  "Tho sweet be the rose"


  "Jackson" by H.L. Flask

  Made by Captain Edward Jeffress, 21st Va Infantry while at Fort Delaware POW Camp, February 21st, 1865

  Made of roots at Fort Delaware


  "The Captive" unsigned



This remarkable album is by 20 year old (1860) Baltimore resident Miss Sallie Fulton, born October 7, 1840 and died December 23, 1892. She apparently was a good patriotic Rebel. It is clear she visited the Confederate Prisoners of War at both Point Lookout and Fort Delaware, where she seemed to be much admired.
This will make a great research project for anyone who enjoys the fun of researching soldiers.


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