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South Carolina Two Piece Buckle
Item #: OS-6851

The two piece buckle shown here is made of sand cast brass with a fine, die stamped central disc. The disc bears the unofficial South Carolina state seal and the stamping is high quality; having some of the most intricate detail ever produced by the die sinker’s art. It has the unusual seal of a Palmetto tree with the roots joining the South Carolina lowlands to the state’s northern mountains, encompassing the mountains to the sea.

This is identical to plate 367 shown in Confederate Belt Buckles and Plates. The plate is given a rarity rating of six, which I believe is too low. Mr. Mullinax’s rating system could, out of necessity, only be based on the buckles that he personally was aware of, as opposed to how many actually existed. This is no fault, but rather the only way it could be done. His particular interest and main field of study was the Army of Tennessee, so he came into contact with Army of Northern Virginia buckles far less frequently. The Army of Northern Virginia has been my primary study and I come into contact with buckles from the Eastern Theater more often than those of the Western, and it has been my experience, that this pattern is much rarer than many of its higher rated counterparts. Either way it is a rare and beautiful buckle.

The plate is perfect; flawless!


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