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Confederate States "Egg Plate"
Item #: OS-6849

This style belt plate is known as a "C S Egg” due to its shape. The plate is made of die stamped brass and originally had iron wire belt hooks soldered onto the back. Remarkably, it still has its original iron wire hook frog on the reverse. The frog had become detached while buried in the ground due to the degradation of the solder and the ground freeze/thaw cycle. But almost unbelievably, the iron wire frog was saved along with the plate by the astute relic hunter who recovered them. Though the iron wire is deeply pitted, it is still strong; it has no weak places. The frog was reattached to the plate (which I can see matched perfectly) with glue, with no attempt to hide the work. What you see is the natural color of the plate; is the original patina. Nothing other than reattaching the frog has been done to the plate. It is in remarkably good condition for an excavated plate.

These plates were issued in quantity to the Army of Tennessee in 1862-1863. The plate has a slight crack, as seen in the lower left of the image and has lost most of its curve, but it is super solid.


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