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K,G & K Cavalry Officer’s Sword NEW INFO, NEW PRICE
Item #: OS-6830

New info, new price. I have added two new pictures, to show some damage that was done during my trip to the Franklin show. The base of one branch developed a crack from being squeezed. It is not in the least bit loose, but the crack is there, which affects the value of the sword. It is a small thing, but I am dropping the price by $2,500.00 because of it. It is easy to see here in the blown up image, but it is virtually invisible to the naked eye.

In 1861, Henry Kraft, a jeweler, his brother Peter, a gunsmith, and one of their employees, Major Maurice Goldsmith, formed Kraft, Goldsmith & Kraft military outfitters. Goldsmith is often spelled Goldschmidt; this is incorrect, Major Goldsmith himself used the Anglicized spelling. The Columbia, South Carolina firm was a militaria retailer and manufacturer located at 184 Richardson Street, now Main Street. Sherman destroyed the factory when he burnt Columbia. All current published works list Lipman Goldsmith as a partner, but my research has shown that he was merely a clerk for the company at the beginning of the War, and that he was working in Baltimore, Maryland by 1863.

The company is known for producing some of the finest swords in the Confederacy, and no other company can boast so many of their swords in the hands of prominent Confederate generals. Wade Hampton, Bradley Johnson and Mathew Butler all carried K, G & K swords. Jeb Stuart carried a massive and ornate K, G & K cavalry officer’s sword, presented to him by Major Heros Von Borke.

The sword shown here is the company’s massive Cavalry Officer’s Sword. The sword is thirty-eight and three quarters of an inch long and an inch and a half broad at the ricasso. The hilt is nearly large enough to grasp with two hands. The blade’s tip has been re sharpened.

Less than twenty of these swords are known to exist, and it is believed that all were purchased by Wade Hampton, for presentation to his officers. Three of them are believed to have been samples, as they were three slightly different variations, two of which remained in the Hampton family until 1864, Hampton carrying the third; an identical sword to the one offered here. All have the Spanish language motto which translates "Draw me not without reason, nor sheath me without honor.”

This particular example is in very good condition, having a perfect blade, with the exception of the aforementioned sharpened point. The leather wrap is missing, as most are, because of the poor quality of leather used when these were manufactured. The complete wire wrap remains and the wood has aged to a pleasing dark color. The brass’ patina is impeccable. The sword’s original scabbard is in near mint condition, not having a single ding or nick. It still retains its original browned finish.

Great sword, great price, only 19,950.00.

Price $17,450.00 USD

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