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CS "Sardine Lid"
Item #: OS-6786

This waist belt plate was given the name Sardine Lid by early collectors because of its
resemblance to a sardine can’s lid. There are three styles of this plate, two of which are found
in the Army of Northern Virginia’s track. The third is from the western theater, and is known
as the Army of Tennessee Style. We don’t know who manufactured these plates; we only
know that they are extremely rare, rating an eight on the Mullinax rarity scale.
It is a well-made early War plate. The brass plate is crisply die-struck from sheet brass.
The hooks would have been made from scraps of the sheet brass and soldered on.
This excavated example is in extremely good condition, but clearly has seen a lot of
Wartime service, as evidenced by the many dings and dents in its face. It still retains its
original scrap brass hooks. The plate was found with them intact; they have not been put back
on. The plate has not been straightened or altered in any way.
The soldier’s name is scratched into the back of the plate. It reads "J Wilt---.”
Unfortunately, I cannot read the last few letters.
I would like to hear from others who have a "Sardine Lid” and know where it was found.


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