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Boyle & Gamble Field and Staff Officer’s Sword
Item #: OS-6820

Boyle & Gamble was the Confederacy’s most prolific maker of officer’s swords and the company’s field and staff officer’s sword is easily the most recognized sword produced during the Confederate era. This sword is designated a Field and Staff Sword because of the C S cast into the guard. This is a throwback to the U.S. Regulation Field and Staff where officers, major and above, were authorized to carry such a sword. This was a very lax standard in the Confederate Army, where everyone used anything that they could get.

There is much symbolism cast into the counter guard of this sword. The corn represents the South’s agricultural base, the laurel wreath, the valor of the Confederate soldier and the star over "C S” is the rising star of the Confederacy.

Shown here is one of the few examples that look just about like it did 150 years ago when it was made. It is as close to perfect as one is likely find in a lifetime of hunting; I can think of only a few that I have seen that exceed it for condition in the several decades that I have been immersed in the search. Its not impossible to get better, but darn hard. This retains all of its leather grip wrap and its single strand, brass wire wrap. The grip wrap has a beautiful sheen, like a well-polished shoe. This is not a re-wrap, this is the original wrap, but in like new condition. The grip and guard are tight and the guard has a beautiful natural patina; number 13 is stamped into the underside of the guard. The twenty-six and a half inch, bright blade is highly etched with CSA, pennants, and the standard Boyle & Gamble vine pattern etching, plus a beautiful Confederate Second National Flag. The flag dates its production until after the Second National Pattern was adopted in the spring of 1863. In my photographs, there appears to be variation of colors in the etching, this is not the case, it is just that I found it impossible to photograph without the mirror like finish picking up reflections. There is some minor carbon staining which I have tried to highlight in the photographs.

The sword is still sheathed in its original, standard Boyle & Gamble scabbard. And it is a beauty; it has never even been bent and the tooled decorative lines are still distinct. The expected fault line created during the welding of the tang to the blade is easily visible and is shown on both sides in the photos. With the exception of a pin in the top mount and drag (which I can replace if you wish) the scabbard is perfect. All of the stitching remains as tight as the day it was made. Based on the fifty or sixty of these swords that I have owned, I reasonably estimate that this sword’s condition is in the top 2% of all surviving Boyle and Gamble swords and is very reasonably priced at $22,000.00.

Price $22,000.00 USD

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