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Maryland Sword Belt Plate
Item #: OS-6800

The belt plate shown here was manufactured by Emerson Gaylord. Shortly before the War, some ofBaltimore’s uniformed companies purchased a quantity of sword belts carrying these plates. This was done at the militia private expense and many of these men went with the South. Though these cannot be definitively identified as Confederate used, Maryland was a Southern State, and would have seceded but for Lincoln’s midnight arrest of her citizens and legislators, after such a display of tyranny, nearly all of these plates went to the South.

This example is perfect. The plate comes with an original keeper that matches it perfectly, but it is a marriage, a good one, but a marriage. It is recorded that it came from Front Royal, Virginia. The plate appears to be non-excavated, so I don't know if it was an early pick up, a attic find, or excavated in the best soil ever known, but whichever it is, it remains in near mint new condition under the patina.
Price $4,200.00 USD

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