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Boyle, Gamble & Macfee Sabre Bayonet Adapter
Item #: OS-6197

The Confederate bayonet adapter shown here was manufactured by Boyle, Gamble & MacFee of Richmond, Virginia. In 1861, Edwin Boyle, Thomas Gamble and Edward MacFee formed a partnership for the purpose of manufacturing edged weapons for sale to the Confederate States Government. The company manufactured Sabre bayonets, Cavalry swords, Artillery swords, Bowie knives, Bayonet adapters and Cavalry officer’s swords.

This example is perfect, and is well marked with "B, G & M” over "Sep.2 1861” and the excavator recorded where it was dug as "Savage Station” which was part of the Seven Days Battles, around Richmond, Virginia in June of 1862.

The adapter’s surface condition is such that it would be the finest relic, but also could easily be used on a Confederate rifle by simply drilling out the set screw and lightly cleaning the adapter. You can see that the barrel ring is still perfectly round.

This is as good as these get. $495.00


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