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Alabama Map on Tree Oval
Item #: OS-6807

With War looming on the horizon, the Governor A.B. Moore of Alabama recommended to the legislature on January 14, 1861 that an Army of State troops be raised and designated monies to arm and equip the new troops. Since the 1850’s the seal of Alabama showed a scroll nailed to a large tree, growing strong and getting its nourishment from the soil of Alabama. A crude map and the words "MAP OF ALABAMA” were placed upon the scroll. This "Map on Tree” was placed upon oval, rectangular and two piece buckles. The oval is the rarest of the three and is one of the true prizes of Confederate buckle collections. The oval has documented use by both officers and enlisted men. The same firm who made this buckle also made the rare North Carolina "NC” oval waist belt plate.

This plate has a verbal history of having been excavated at Camp Nelson, in Lexington, Kentucky. It has some freeze cracks (so called because they are believed to be caused by the movement of the earth in the freeze/thaw cycle) which are shown in the images. I have not x rayed the plate because I do not see any hint of a repair, but I can do so for an additional $150.00, should the buyer wish. If x ray should reveal any repair, I would of course absorb the cost myself and the deal would be off. However, it is very solid; there is no flaking at all. All in all, this is an attractive excavated example of a very rare plate.

Price $7,900.00 USD

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