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Bullet Struck!
Item #: OS-6653

The US belt plate shown here has been very plainly struck by a bullet. Being Confederate to the core, the only time you will see a USplate on www.OldSouthAntiques.comis if it has been shot. Once shot, I no longer consider it a USweapon of war, but rather a Confederate trophy of war, fitting to go into any Confederate collection of buckles & plates. Oftentimes there is some doubt as to whether or not a mark was made by a bullet, but as you can see from the pictures, there is no doubt whatsoever in this case. The approximately .58 caliber bullet entered from the front, on a slight angle from the Yankee’s right, so this shot without a doubt entered the man’s abdomen, which was a death sentence.

Bullet struck items have become so collectible that they have not only articles written about them, there is a whole book dedicated to them; Bullet Struck! By Steve Mullinax.

The plate is solid front and back, there is no loose flaking; it is completely stable, has a beautiful patina and a clear shot. Chalk one up for the good guys!

Price $1,400.00 USD

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