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Richmond, Virginia Marked Rifle
Item #: OS-6260

  Deep S.Southerland, Richmond VA Mark

Samuel Southerland was gun maker and gun dealer in Richmond, Virginia, before and during the War. Immediately after the War, in July 1865, he moved to Baltimore, Maryland. During the War, Southerland was proprietor of the Southern Importing House, located at 132 Main Street. "During the war years he was known locally as ‘the Armorer of the South’ because of because of the extent of his repair and alteration work on fire-arms for the State of Virginia and the Confederacy, (he) altered a considerable number of the old Virginia Manufactory arms from flint to percussion and also converted many sporting arms to military caliber”[1]

Thus all of his maker marked or importer marked guns with a Richmond address were in Richmond prior to, and during the War Between the States. And because of the Confederacy’s dire need of arms, virtually all available arms went to war. In fact some Southerland marked arms are recorded as having been captured, even as late as 1864. I expect this fine rifle would have been in demand until the end. However since it cannot be documented positively to having been used by a Confederate Sharpshooter, it is only a fraction of the cost of an example that could be documented to an individual soldier. Yet, it makes a wonderful representative example.

The silver mounted, heavy barreled rifle, shown here has a very deep and clear "S. Southerland, Richmond VA” stamped into the top barrel flat, forward of the breech.

The rifle is equipped with a "set” trigger for extra fine shooting. The rifle is completely original with the exception of the patch box lid. The rectangular hinged lid was replaced with a new one cast from real silver. The rifle functions perfectly, retains strong rifling and is a beauty to behold. Furthermore, it is a bargain at only $2,600.00

[1] Directory of Military Goods Makers


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