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Alabama Volunteer Corps Waist Belt Plate
Item #: OS-6666

This belt plate has a very special history. It is documented as having come from one of the brave Alabamians who died in the maelstrom at Sharpsburg. About 1950, an early relic hunter was given permission by the Park Ranger and was by the same ranger pointed to three depressions where bodies had been recently disinterred by the Park Service. This AVC was removed from one of the depressions. The relic hunter kept the plate until 2012, when he sold it to Old South Military Antiques, LLC. The name of the finder will be relayed in writing by OSMA, LLC.

The AVC has an interesting history:

On February 24, 1860, the Alabama legislature authorized the formation of the Alabama Volunteer Corps or A.V.C. This was deemed a prudent response to the North’s vocal support of John Brown’s fanatical raid on Harper’s Ferry, Virginia.

The men who formed the companies of the A.V.C. were the most affluent and well-educated sons of Alabama. These various companies uniformed themselves in whatever fashion suited. There is no record of the accoutrements of most of the companies, but judging from the rarity of the A.V.C. Belt Plate, few adopted the regulation pattern.

With the outbreak of the shooting war in the spring of 1861, the A.V.C. effectually ceased to exist as its members rushed to join regiments headed for the seat of war.

Due to their pre-war military experience and education level, the men of the A.V.C. would naturally have formed the nucleus of the Alabama Officer’s Corps, which later distinguished themselves on so many a bloody field.

There are two slightly different variations of the A.V.C. Belt Plate, both of which were produced between the formation of the A.V.C. in early 1860 and the disintegration of the Corps in the spring of 1861.

The pictures show the condition well, should you have questions, please ask.


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