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Mac Mason's Non Dug CS Two PC
Item #: os-6652

It is a sand cast, two piece buckle that is one of the Virginia styles, a Richmond pattern with exaggerated serifs. These buckles were used primarily for sword belts issued to the cavalry of the Army of Northern Virginia and to a lesser extent, officers of that army.

The buckle exhibits coarse file marks, extensive wear and retains its natural, pleasing patina. It still retains a high, convex curve and measures 50 x 84 mm.

It is perfect in every way and has an impeccable provenance; it could not be improved upon.

I do not typically place much importance on a specific buckle’s ownership history, because it is usually so sketchy that little of it can be verified. This buckle is an exception. It can be traced back to pioneer War Between the States collector and author Mac Mason. Mr. Mason’s daughter inherited his collection when he passed away. Craig Bell, president of the American Society of Arms Collectors and president of the Company of Military Historians was a personal friend of Mac Mason’s and he purchased the buckle from Mac’s daughter. I Shannon Pritchard purchased the buckle from Mr. Bell.

Price $3,600.00 USD

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