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Confederate D Guard
Item #: OS-6654

This knife measures seventeen and three quarters of an inch in length, and is fashioned from a pike haft and blade. The maker simply cut off a pike made at Catherine Furnace and added a forged "D” shaped guard, using the original blade and the original shaft and brass ferule for the grip. It was crudely, but effectively done and made a formidable fighting knife. The accompanying scabbard is a recycled short sword scabbard but has always been with this knife according to earliest collection history and in my opinion is the wartime scabbard. Note that the scabbard was cut in such a manner as to mount it on the belt at approximately 45 degrees forward. It is completely original, as made and used in all regards.

PROVENANCE: Ex-John Frawner Collection; Dr. Frederick Novy Collection. $2900.00

Price $2,900.00 USD

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