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Texas Carved Coconut
Item #: OS-6626

The beautifully carved half coconut, shown here, is a work of art. I had an extraordinary carved coconut canteen some years ago that was a presentation to William Lewis Maury, Commander of theCSS Georgia. And I have seen other ornately carved coconut Confederate canteens. Naval personnel had access to coconuts and the time to carve or scrimshaw. Based on this, and the quality of the carving, I think it likely that this carving was done by a sailor, but I cannot be certain. What I am certain of is that it has a Texas association.

I come to this conclusion for two reasons, one, the central star is in the point down position, which was a very common Texan representation. And two, because the star is surmounted by a fringed, thirteen star Confederate Battle Flag, and a Confederate First National with a single large star in the canton; this is another frequent Texan representation. Taking the two together, I come to the reasoned conclusion that it is Texas affiliated.

Artillery and a drum are also presented in the panoply. Below this is the owner’s initials: S. A. D.

The carving is exquisite, but unfortunately the half has been broken. It is hardly noticeable on the carved side, but is quite evident on the reverse, as the accompanying images will testify. At the June, 2019 Gettysburg Civil War show, I saw a canteen carved identically this this carving, but this is not a canteen and I no longer think it ever was, it is rather a work of Confederate history and art, and will display beautifully.


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