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Confederate 2nd Model LeMat
Item #: OS-6613

The LeMat "grapeshot” revolver was a highly prized sidearm among Confederate officers. There were less than 3,000 made for the Confederacy. It was a very high quality firearm and delivered an unprecedented amount of firepower. Having nine, .42 caliber charges rotating around one 20 gauge shotgun barrel. The hammer could be converted from striking the revolving pistol caps to striking the central shotgun cap with the flick of a thumb.

The weapon offered here is a Second Model. The most recognizable differences between the First and Second Models are the lack of a spur trigger guard, swivel lanyard ring on a Second Model, and having a left side mounted loading lever assembly.

The Second Model shown here is serial number 1270 and is marked ""Col LeMat BTE SGDG PARIS””. This example is more fully marked with serial numbers than most examples, and all numbers match. Serial numbers are located on the cylinder, frame, barrel, shotgun barrel, barrel lock lever, and rammer assembly; even including the shotgun rammer! All of the numbers match. The revolver’s action is crisp; it indexes properly and locks firmly. The barrel markings are clear and crisp; it has sharp edges and good lines. Its only downside is that some yahoo tried to take it apart and marred some of the screw heads.

As they say, if this one could talk; the revolver cylinder is fully loaded and four caps remain in place. Even the shotgun barrel is loaded. There is a chip knocked out of the left grip and something struck the cylinder so hard that it broke one nipple and deeply indented the cylinder, both of these battle scars are shown in the photographs. Perhaps when it was struck it knocked it out of the owner’s hand still fully loaded? The weapon had seen little service when this occurred as the nipples and hammer have been struck very little, leaving the revolver in very good condition.

If the buyer wishes, I will inject the cylinders with oil and seal the nipples which would render it inert, or I could pull the rounds, but I think that would be a tragedy; in my humble opinion the fact that it is loaded adds greatly to its desirability


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