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Thomas, Griswold & Company Cavalry Officer’s Sw
Item #: OS-6573

Thomas, Griswold & Company swords are found with several different company markings and with no markings at all. This is true for both the company’s artillery and cavalry officer’s swords. The company manufactured swords to sell at retail on the New Orleans market and wholesale to retailers such as Hayden & Whilden of Charleston, South Carolina. The latter were stamped with Hayden and Whilden’s name and address. It is also known that Thomas, Griswold & Company made swords for the Confederate and various Southern state governments.

The following is pure speculation, but it seems reasonable to me that the swords made for the retail market were marked with the full firm name and address. The swords marked with only the initials were for sale to the Confederate government and the unmarked were sold wholesale to other military outfitters such as Hayden & Whilden of Charleston, South Carolina.

The Thomas, Griswold cavalry officer’s sword shown here has the most desirable of the markings, the full Thomas, Griswold & Co. New Orleans stamp at the ricasso. The stamping is especially deep and clear. The sword retains 50%of its original leather wrap and what is missing is not from flaking; indeed, the leather is in very good condition. The missing portions are simply worn through from its extensive War era use. The double twisted, brass wire is tight and one hundred percent complete. The brass guard is tight. The blade is nearly perfect from ricasso to point. The blade is semi bright, having carbon staining throughout. It even retains its original throat washer.

The sword is still sheathed in its original, full brass scabbard. The scabbard is very good and original with the exception that an expert eye can see that someone partially cleaned it and then artificially aged the surface to bring it back to as close to matching as possible. Fortunately this match will only get better with time. Four years of war left many dings and dents in the scabbard. The scabbard, like the sword shows extensive wear on the rings and mounts, and perhaps the most wear on a drag I have ever seen.

Price $11,500.00 USD

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