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Medium Forked Tongue Frame Buckle
Item #: OS-6557

The Confederate States General Issue, Forked Tongue Waist Belt Buckle is made of sand cast brass and measures 56 x 92 mm. There were three sizes produced as early as 1861 by Confederate Governmental contract; this is the "medium”

Because this plain buckle was so easy to make and use, they saw widespread use, much more so than the buckles with the letters CS found thereon. These were made and used in quantity in every theatre. In excavated condition these buckles are one of the most commonly found Confederate general issue buckles, but because they had not the "magic CS” letters they were not often put away by their owners or captors as souvenirs. These were so useful on the farm to repair harness or to strap something together that their belts were used up and the buckle set aside or discarded. I once excavated one along the base of a collapsed barn where it had been hung on the wall of the barn prior to its disintegration.

This example has one tip of the fork missing. However it is clear this is the way it was used, because the end of the remaining prong is smooth and rounded, so either the soldier who wore it filed it round after it broke, or it was cast imperfectly and used anyway. My personal opinion is that it is the former.

It has the deepest, smooth green patina over the buckle, including the end of the short prong that anyone could possibly desire.


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