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Thomas, Griswold & Co. Arty Sword
Item #: OS-6525

  The Maker's Mark is Exceptionally Clear and Crisp

Henry Thomas and Arthur Breese Griswold made some of the finest swords produced in the Confederacy prior to the fall ofNew Orleans in June of 1862. The company used a variety of markings on their distinctive swords; some are marked with the full company name and address, some are marked with only initials and some are totally unmarked. There must have been a rational reason known only to the manufacturers for these variations, but the modern collector can only speculate.

The company manufactured swords to sell at retail on the New Orleans market and wholesale to retailers such as Hayden & Whilden of Charleston, South Carolina. The latter were stamped with Hayden and Whilden’s name and address. It is also known that Thomas, Griswold & Co. made swords for the Confederate, and various Southern state governments.

The following is pure speculation, but it seems reasonable to me that the swords made for the retail market were marked with the full firm name and address. The swords marked with only the initials were for sale to the Confederate government and the unmarked were sold wholesale to other military outfitters such as Hayden & Whilden of Charleston, South Carolina.

This Thomas, Griswold & Company Model 1840 Light Artillery sword has one of the clearest full Thomas, Griswold & Co New Orleans maker marks you will ever see.

But for two small chips, which are shown in the accompanying pictures, the russet grip wrap is nearly perfect. The grip, wire and hilt are as tight as when the sword was manufactured. The blade has some dark carbon staining but it has never been sharpened or re-pointed.

The sword is in its original scabbard. This pattern when found in its original scabbard is always sheathed in brass. The scabbard has some minor dings, but is in very good, unaltered condition, and has an attractive patina.
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