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Patriotic Confederate Canteen
Item #: OS-6222

During the course of the War millions of canteens were manufactured in the South. Every man in the Southern Army carried a canteen and most would go through several by War’s end. To supply this need, canteens were manufactured at Confederate government facilities, but the government facilities could supply only a small fraction of the canteens required to equip the army. In order to meet the pressing need for canteens the Confederate government purchased the vast majority of canteens from private manufacturing concerns.

The most widely used Confederate canteen was made of wood because any cooperage could easily convert to the manufacture of wooden canteens as they required exactly the same skills as barrel making. The soldiers carried these canteens all through the War and on the march home.

All painted Confederate canteens were painted after the War for fundraisers, travel to reunions, and as decorations for both G.A.R. and U.C.V. Posts. This original Confederate wood drum canteen is painted with a very nicely executed military scene. However this was done long after the soldiers were all gone. At the earliest, this was painted for the centennial, but my experience leads me to believe it was painted later than the centennial, probably within the last 20 years.

The canteen is beautiful and has a wonderful painting that few would recognize or even agree was not older than I posit, but keep in mind, that it is my opinion that it is a relatively new painting on a really old canteen.

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