C.S. Richmond Rifle-Musket


Description and Photograph





     The Virginia state forces captured Harpers Ferry on April 18, 1861.  The captured stores and machinery were quickly removed to Richmond and eventually set up in the old Virginia Armory.  In late August of 1861, the Confederate States Government took over the facility and it was thereafter known as the "Richmond Armory".

     Those who do not collect Richmond long arms have no idea how rare it is to find an example that is a complete, original Richmond Armory product.  I literally examine several dozens of Richmond long arms in order to find one that is truly original and even at that, I am excepting the ramrod.  The reason for this is two fold.  The first is that the Confederates salvaged everything that they could by gleaning the battlefields and reused the parts.  The other reason is that all through the years, collectors and dealers, some innocently and some not, have replaced missing or damaged parts with U.S. parts. 

     The 1864 dated C.S. Richmond rifle-musket shown here is a text-book example of a one hundred percent Richmond Armory rifle-musket.  Every screw, sling swivel, barrel band, sight, butt plate, stock, lock and barrel, even the ramrod is original.  The gun has been lightly cleaned in the past.  It has no repairs or replacements whatsoever.  The metal is smooth with the exception of the top barrel flat and even that is so good that the 1864 date stamping is still legible!  The barrel, lock and bands have some very nice forging flaws.  The stock has only very minor dings and scratches.  The rifle sling is an original Confederate made linen sling, but it is not original to this gun.

     This is about as close as you can get to a nearly new, as issued Richmond rifle-musket. 



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